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Five-axis Automated Aligner Positioner

Dynamic Structures And Materials, LLC

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Five-axis Automated Aligner Positioner by Dynamic Structures And Materials, LLC

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By leveraging DSM's core competencies in motion control and flexure-based kinematic mechanisms, DSM developed a PC-based, low cost, 5 axis aligner/positioner system for the automated assembly and/or positioning of mating components in laboratory and industrial manufacturing environments. The solid-state flexure mechanisms provide stiction-free motion in a stiff and compact package.

The initial aligner/positioner system was designed to meet the need for alignment processes used in optical component manufacturing. The system consists of two independent stages mounted on a common base with integrated kinematic software for virtual pivot point rotation and linear motion. The left stationary stage provides Y and thetaY motions, while the right stage, which is also mounted to a Z-axis stage, provides X and thetaX motions.

This system is available with customized end tooling as well as customized search and peaking algorithms with user-configurable algorithm parameters. Other stage configurations, including packaging of all 5 axes on a single side of the assembly environment, can be readily designed for custom solutions.

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About Dynamic Structures And Materials, LLC

Dynamic Structures And Materials, LLC

Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC (DSM) specializes in electrical-mechanical design and prototyping services for challenging devices, machines, and systems. By partnering with industrial designers, engineers, and scientists, DSMís varied expertise has enabled new and unique product development for industrial and consumer applications. DSM has extensive experience in motion control applications including micropositioning and nanopositioning system design using flexure-guided motion components. Specialty Motion System Competencies -------------------------------------------------- * Linear and rotary actuation systems for scanning applications, valves, and micro / nanopositioning equipment design * Flexure-guided mechanism designs for smooth motion * Piezoelectric and shape memory alloy materials Controls Software and Sensors -------------------------------------------------- * National Instruments LabVIEW VIs (CLAD certification), serial and USB communications, DLLs * HMI development * C, C++.net, VB.net, ASSEMBLY * Digital and analog sensor integration, data acquisition * Linear and non-linear control systems, including PID Electrical Circuit Design Capabilities -------------------------------------------------- * 50+ combined years of product design experience * Circuits for analog and power applications * Microcontroller and DSP implementations * Ultrasonic switching drivers for piezoelectric devices * Embedded systems software development Solid Modeling, Mechanical Design, FEA -------------------------------------------------- * 3D, 2D CAD * FEA-optimization of mechanisms and structures * Static, dynamic, modal, and transient analysis Precision Machine Design and Automation -------------------------------------------------- * Robotics, machine vision, laser scanning * Air bearing systems, harmonic drives, linear motors