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What is LocalAutomation.com?


LocalAutomation.com a revolutionary online marketplace which is bringing together a global network of automation professionals by providing powerful tools to buyers, suppliers, and everyone in between!

If you're looking for products, press releases, manufacturers, distributors, systems integrators, training classes, job openings, discussion forums, live chat and more... this is the place to find them!

LocalAutomation.com is a free, fully-automated website.   What does that mean?

All of the content on LocalAutomation.com is submitted directly by our members:

If you're the National Sales Manager for a servo manufacturer and want to advertise your products... simply open a free account and start advertising!

If you work for an automation distributor and want to advertise a seminar that you're presenting on machine vision systems, simply open a free account and advertise your seminar!

If your work at a packaging plant and want to receive competitive bids on a motion control project that you're working on, simply open a free account... post your project... and watch the bids roll in from all over the world!

There is simply no better way to connect the world of automation buyers and sellers than providing a free, online marketplace which provides powerful tools to both groups!