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Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Who should sign up for a business account?

Answer: The LocalAutomation.com business accounts have been designed for industrial automation manufacturers, manufacturer reps, distributors, resellers, and systems integrators that sell and support the wide variety of automation technologies that are featured on this site.  If you work for one of those companies and are interested in promoting your business on LocalAutomation.com, a provider account is right for you.

Question #2: Who should sign up for a personal account?

Answer: The personal accounts are designed for everyone!   You need to open a personal account in order to view job openings, participate in online discussions, post questions, post projects, join groups, etc.

Question #3: Can I have a personal account AND a business account?

Answer: YES.   In fact, the first step in opening a business account IS opening a personal account.

Question #4: How much does it cost to open an account?

Answer: Business accounts and personal accounts are both free!

Question #5: Why is LocalAutomation.com free?

Answer: The site is fully automated and only requires a very small staff to answer questions.   We make our money by selling advertising space in our weekly newsletter.

Question #6: How do I cancel my account?

Answer: Simply send an e-mail to accounts - at - localautomation.com (subject: account cancellation).  Once we receive notification of your intent to cancel your account, we will close the account immediately.