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FlexTrolley ARGV

Automation Tooling Systems

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FlexTrolley ARGV by Automation Tooling Systems

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The ATS FlexTrolley Automated Rail-Guided Vehicle (ARGV) System™ brings a whole new level of productivity to station-to-station material transfer for the manual or automated assembly of large, complex products.

Modular and easily reconfigurable, the FlexTrolley ARGV System™ offers the precision of a chain conveyor with the independent control of an AGV. The result is unprecedented flexibility for plants producing heavy assemblies such as automotive axles, suspension struts and corners, dashboards, door modules or similar components.

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About Automation Tooling Systems

Automation Tooling Systems

ATS Automation Tooling Systems is the world’s leading industrial automation company with 4,000 employees and 25 facilities worldwide dedicated to designing and manufacturing advanced factory automation systems, custom automation equipment, standard automation products and turn-key assembly machinery, as well as high-volume precision components, sub-assemblies, solar cells and solar modules.