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FlexsysPAK by Automation Tooling Systems

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A revolutionary packaging system platform that redefines line change flexibility and efficiency, the new FlexsysPAK™ system boosts overall uptime and packaging productivity, while incorporating designs to improve overall equipment efficiency.

Continuous & Indexed Motion On One Platform

Packaging operations from blister form, fill and seal to cartoning and case packing can be configured around FlexsysPAK™. The FlexsysPAK™ solution is ideally suited for a wide variety of tasks, from assembly and dispense, to kitting and packaging. In fact, the systems inherent ability to synchronize pallet speed to either continuous or indexing motion greatly enhances its flexibility and the number and type of applications which can be configured around the system.

FlexsysPAK can be scaled or configured to accomodate any packaging process module your application requires - adding or removing third-party equipment modules as needed.

A Reconfigurable, Modular Solution for Packaging

Unlike conventional chain or belt-driven conveyor systems, FlexsysPAK™ is based on the proven Supertrak™ pallet conveyor, a modular and reconfigurable system platform developed by ATS. With Supertrak™, work in process and accumulators are optimized, continuous and indexed operations can run simultaneously on a single system platform and ultimately, the system achieves much higher overall equipment efficiencies.

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About Automation Tooling Systems

Automation Tooling Systems

ATS Automation Tooling Systems is the world’s leading industrial automation company with 4,000 employees and 25 facilities worldwide dedicated to designing and manufacturing advanced factory automation systems, custom automation equipment, standard automation products and turn-key assembly machinery, as well as high-volume precision components, sub-assemblies, solar cells and solar modules.