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JNIOR Control Panel

INTEG Process Group

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INTEG Process Group JNIOR Control Panel - JNIOR Control Panel by INTEG Process Group

JNIOR Control Panel by INTEG Process Group

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The JNIOR Control Panel can be used where manual control is required. It connects to the JNIOR sensor port to provide manual control of the JNIOR functions and feedback status lights. The control functions and status lights are all easily configurable by the user. The JNIOR Control Panel also contains a speaker that can be utilized to play alarm sounds or custom sounds provided, or configured, by the user.

JNIOR Control Panel - JCP-600-001

• 6 two-position switches (12 total input selections)
• 12 LED status lights
• Alarm Horn (Speaker)

The JNIOR Control Panel switches can be used to trigger relay outputs or macros running on the JNIOR. Macros for the JNIOR are developed using the JNIOR Support Tool. Macros can control the JNIOR outputs at various user-configurable time steps. Macros can also contain “actions” that will send commands to various devices on the Ethernet network or connected to the JNIOR serial ports. The devices are easily defined using the JNIOR Support Tool. The JNIOR Control Panel can be easily added and configured for use with new JNIORs, or in the field for use with existing JNIORs using the Support Tool.


The JNIOR Control Panel can be mounted in any 19-inch equipment rack. The Control Panel is 2U in height.

As an option, the Control Panel can be mounted in a box so that the complete unit can be wall mounted.

The Control Panel can be installed up to 25 feet away from the JNIOR.

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About INTEG Process Group

INTEG Process Group

Founded in 1999, INTEG Process Group is a flexible and cost-effective supplier that delivers solutions and outstanding support in a wide range of industries. We provide an easy, open means to connect, monitor and control equipment and processes, and then transmit that information over the network so it can be used in business applications or control systems.

The centerpiece of our success is the JNIOR. It provides customers with a simple, yet intelligent Ethernet I/O hardware device that monitors and controls a small set of process signals.

INTEG serves a growing base of customers around the world with diverse needs, including cinema automation, data acquisition, equipment optimization, industrial automation, MES/ERP integration and utility monitoring.