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INTEG Process Group

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INTEG Process Group JNIOR 310 - JNIOR 310 by INTEG Process Group

JNIOR 310 by INTEG Process Group

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JNIOR 310 - Catalog # JNR-100-003B

- Physical size: 6 x 4 x 1.2 in. (152 x 102 x 31 mm)
- Power: 9 to 24 Volts DC or AC
- Digital Inputs (0 - 30 VDC/AC): 8 Inputs - Optically Isolated
- Counter Inputs: 8 Counters, Inputs Double as Counters, Up to 2 kHz each, 32 Bit Counter Value
- Relay Outputs (0 - 30 VDC/AC): 8 Outputs - Form A – Normally Open Contact
- Operating Temperature: -15ºF to160ºF (-25ºC to 70ºC)
- Storage Temperature: -40ºF to185ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC)
- Humidity: 5 to 95% Non-Condensing
- Analog Inputs & Outputs: Via Expansion Modules
- RS 232 Serial Port: 1 - RS232
- Auxiliary Serial Port: 1 - RS232/RS422/RS485
- Ethernet Port: —RJ45 at 10/100 MB
- Sensor Port: For Expansion Modules and Sensors
- Memory: 2MB RAM, 1MB Flash, 64k Blocks of Immutable Memory
- Connectors: 2 Piece Connectors
- Mounting: Tabs with DIN Rail Option
- Certification: TUV Safety, FCC Class B, CE Mark, RoHS Compliant
- Warranty: 2 Years

Each JNIOR contains a built-in controller, a 10/100 Ethernet port, a mix of I/O signals, built-in web pages for easy configuration, monitoring and manual control, ability to communicate simultaneously to multiple devices, communication drivers for integrating with remote applications (TCP/IP, DLL, OPC Server), IT tools, flash file system, remote firmware upgrades, logging capabilities, sensor port, I/O expansion, rugged packaging and industry certification. One important benefit of using the JNIOR is its software. At the core is its operating system packed with numerous built-in features that make the JNIOR easy to use for a variety of applications without any programming required. Advanced software applications are included with each JNIOR that bring additional functionality to the JNIOR. Custom software applications can be added by the user or by INTEG on behalf of the user by using the JNIOR Software Development Kit. The JNIOR Support Tool software program makes configuring and maintaining the JNIOR easy. The JNIOR Support Tool runs on a PC and can be used to configure the JNIOR IP settings, gather logs, update a JNIOR and even back-up data and other files.

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About INTEG Process Group

INTEG Process Group

Founded in 1999, INTEG Process Group is a flexible and cost-effective supplier that delivers solutions and outstanding support in a wide range of industries. We provide an easy, open means to connect, monitor and control equipment and processes, and then transmit that information over the network so it can be used in business applications or control systems.

The centerpiece of our success is the JNIOR. It provides customers with a simple, yet intelligent Ethernet I/O hardware device that monitors and controls a small set of process signals.

INTEG serves a growing base of customers around the world with diverse needs, including cinema automation, data acquisition, equipment optimization, industrial automation, MES/ERP integration and utility monitoring.