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Viper Vertical LIft Module

Sapient Automation

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Sapient Automation Viper Vertical LIft Module - Viper Vertical LIft Module by Sapient Automation

Viper Vertical LIft Module by Sapient Automation

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The Viper VLM consists of two columns of trays in the front and back with a robotic inserter/extractor running in the center delivering trays to an ergonomic work counter using an integrated controller and/or software. From large items to totes, containers, partitions and dividers to pallets the Viper VLM provides a fast and efficient storage and retrieval solution.

Save Up to 85% of Floor Space
Storage cube is optimized down to one inch increments! The VLMs dynamic tray height sensor system automatically scans and optimizes the units storage density every time a tray is stored in the VLM. The Viper Vertical Lift Module’s controls automatically directs every tray to the least amount of space possible within the unit.

The Viper VLM dynamic tray height measuring and storage system allows organizations to:

•Eliminate moving or expansion costs
•Consolidate multiple facilities or zones into existing space
•Almost double existing storage capacity
•Convert existing “storage space” into value added opportunities

The Viper VLM’s range of ergonomic features helps provide:

•Reduction or elimination of injuries and potential litigation
•Ability to maximize an existing and aging work force
•Increase productivity and accuracy by reducing “human error” due to fatigue
•Help meet organization’s OSHA requirements

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About Sapient Automation

Sapient Automation

Sapient Automaton provides a full selection of automated storage and retrieval systems designed to increase profitability by reducing floor space, inventory and labor requirements while increasing accuracy, ergonomics and throughput performance. Systems used in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, life sciences, wholesale, institutions and retail applications. Automated Storage Systems include the Hornet Horizontal Carousel, Viper Vertical Lift Module, Avenger Vertical Carousel, Mini-Avenger Vertical Carousel Cart System, PickaMed Carousels, XPress Pix Inventory and Warehouse Control Software, Spit Fire Pick Carts and Pick to Light systems.

For information about Sapient Automation call 888-451-9711, email: info@getsapient.com   or visit the Sapient Automation web site at www.GetSapient.com.