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Hornet Horizontal Carousel

Sapient Automation

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Sapient Automation Hornet Horizontal Carousel - Hornet Horizontal Carousel by Sapient Automation

Hornet Horizontal Carousel by Sapient Automation

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The Hornet™ Horizontal Carousel has decades of satisfied users around the world! The Hornet Horizontal Carousel is a series of bins (shelving) attached to an oval track which rotate on demand to the operator in the workstation. The carousel system can be configured as stand alone rotating shelving to integrated pods (work zones), to meet every organizations space, productivity and budgetary requirements.

Key Hornet Horizontal Carousel Benefits Include:
•Throughput up to 550 lines per hour/operator
•Emergency access allows 100% access to all items
•Floor space savings up to 75%
•Flexible design allows for units to be easily made shorter or longer
•Improve productivity up to 2/3
•Increase accuracy to 99.9% levels
•The most economical storage and retrieval system made
•Extend order cut-off times
•Fast ROI often under 18 months
With a push of a button, click of a mouse or scan of a bar code, the Hornet Horizontal Carousel rotates via the shortest path to deliver items to the operator. An array of pick to light technologies ranging from Lightrees to message centers to meet and exceed organization's productivity and throughput requirements.

The carousel's flexibility make it valuable in a myriad of applications within a facility. Single stand alone Hornet horizontal carousels bringing inventory to the operator and work station eliminating wasted walking and searching. Likewise, an integrated pod (work station) consisting of multiple Hornet Horizontal Carousels, pick lights and software work together to provide cost-effective order picking and fulfillment. Each carousel pre-positions and waits for the operator to pick from it. Because the operator is constantly picking (not walking and searching), throughput can be increased up to 550 lines per operator or more per hour.

Saves up to 75% of your floor space... and more. The Hornet Horizontal Carousel bins can be up to 13 feet tall making it ideal for short ceilings, however, multiple carousels can be tiered (up to 3 tiers) to maximize up to 40 feet high ceilings. So no matter the height of the facility the Hornet carousel maximizes the vertical cube.

100% emergency access is easily accomplished by spacing the carousels with enough room between them to allow operators to flood the system and take items out of the bins as needed if in an emergency situation. So the benefits of automation with the zero risk of not being able to access inventory at all times.

Dozens of applications in most facilities: Order picking and fulfillment, MRO (Maintenance Repair Operations), stockrooms, manufacturing parts, work in process, tools & dies, spare and service parts, cutter grind, kitting, buffering, staging, documentation storage, queuing and sequencing, etc. and much more!

Industries include: manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, retail, wholesale, government and institutions.

Fast, easy, economical and reliable… the Hornet Horizontal Carousel is an ideal automated storage and retrieval solution to save valuable floor space, increase operators productivity, order accuracy and cut-off times.

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About Sapient Automation

Sapient Automation

Sapient Automaton provides a full selection of automated storage and retrieval systems designed to increase profitability by reducing floor space, inventory and labor requirements while increasing accuracy, ergonomics and throughput performance. Systems used in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, life sciences, wholesale, institutions and retail applications. Automated Storage Systems include the Hornet Horizontal Carousel, Viper Vertical Lift Module, Avenger Vertical Carousel, Mini-Avenger Vertical Carousel Cart System, PickaMed Carousels, XPress Pix Inventory and Warehouse Control Software, Spit Fire Pick Carts and Pick to Light systems.

For information about Sapient Automation call 888-451-9711, email: info@getsapient.com   or visit the Sapient Automation web site at www.GetSapient.com.