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NAP Tube Rinser

Big Bear Automation

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NAP Tube Rinser by Big Bear Automation

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Genetic discovery industry. Six stations each accept a rack of 96 NAP tube syringes and applies a set amount of DI water into each tube, waits for the tubes to drain and continually repeats to rinse tubes. Each station independent. Keyence PLC control, low voltage and safety devices for wet environment.

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Big Bear Automation

Seasoned engineering staff ensures experience and integrity is applied to manufacturing of factory machinery. From simple line and test fixtures to complex robotic integration, our local group handles concepts via Solidworks through installation and buy-off. Low cost fab in Tijuana and we pass on savings to you. PLC, PC and embedded controls. We make machinery for general industrial automation, food processing, Class 10/100 clean room equipment, biotechnology processes, semiconductor and factory material handing. We work with Bay Area manufacturers and ship/install automation World-wide.