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Weintek Iiot Ready Gateway

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Weintek Iiot Ready Gateway






Weintek Iiot Ready Gateway

IIoT Ready! cMT-G01 and cMT-G02 Smart Communication Gateway with HMI data processing capabilities quickly builds an IIoT environment.

The G01 is a smart Communication Gateway. The new Gateway has HMI data processing capabilities to provide the best solution for data transfer and integration in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This new innovative Gateway provides – Real Time Alarm Notification and supports over 300 protocols. It is designed to completely integrate multiple devices into one. The cMTG01 is equipped with data acquisition and the same analysis functions of an HMI (like capture-eventlog). It can implement Data Transfer (like recipe data) between devices, and run Macros to perform arithmetical and logical operations. In addition, the cMT-G01 supports Scheduler to trigger events at a specified time. MQTT and OPC UA protocols are built-in features to support TLS/SSL certificate system; designed for transmitting data securely. EasyAccess 2.0 is also encrypted with TLS/SSL to ensure data integrity and to provide enhanced hacking protection. In addition, cMT-G01 is also capable of sending instant notifying emails with Push-Notification function and troubleshooting HMIs/PLCs from a remote location with Pass-Through function.

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