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Assured Automation Eliminizer Series Compressed Air Filters

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Assured Automation Eliminizer Series Compressed Air Filters






Assured Automation Eliminizer Series Compressed Air Filters

When using compressed air to open valves, move cylinders, or power pneumatic tools, quality air is critical and the first step to achieving this is filtration.

Particulates, water, and oil in compressed air can be destructive to downstream equipment. Particulate contamination can cause valves to fail prematurely. Moisture and oil can degrade seal materials. Dirty air reduces efficiency and shortens equipment service life.

The Eliminizer Series is constructed using a patented cyclonic inverse flow technology. Excellent water & dirt capture to 1 micron. ISO Class 2 particulate.

The cyclonic inverse flow design guarantees the Eliminizer will not allow moisture downstream. Air enters through the NPT inlet port and travels down the plastic sheath around the filter element forcing the air to swirl in a cyclonic fashion. Centrifugal forces drive moisture and contaminants outwards collecting in the inner surface of the bowl.The air reverses direction and enters the filter element, passing through a two layer filter packing comprised of stainless steel mesh which holds aerosols and liquid droplets (Filtration to 3.0 micron). Air then passes through the final filter media composed of interwoven cotton, polyester and stainless steel. (Filtration to 1.0 micron)

The Eliminizer Series also features a differential indicator (GREEN for Clean, RED for clogged), as the filter element clogs with dirt the indicator slowly transitions from GREEN to RED making it easy to identify which units require filter element replacement.

Eliminizer filters be installed at the point of use or on the main line, in heavy duty service where heavy water & dirt removal is needed. These filter-dryers are perfectly suited for protecting pneumatic valve actuators and other air-driven tools.

Typical Applications include automotive, bottling, cement, food processing, painting, bakery and winery.

About Assured Automation
Assured Automation is a privately held company that sells automated valves, actuators, flow meters and valve accessories. Located in Clark NJ, Assured Automation's customers include original equipment manufacturers, resellers, and end users. Their products are used for fluid and gas applications in air drying, pollution control, process control, laundry equipment, textile dyeing & drying, bottling & dispensing equipment, ink & paint dispensing and industrial compressors. Their valves have been used reliably in curbside gas shut-off systems, award-winning architectural fountains and many other high-profile projects. The company markets its products through a network of direct sales offices, technically-oriented representatives, and distributors throughout the world. For more information, contact Assured Automation at 800-899-0553, by e-mail at info@assuredautomation.com or visit www.assuredautomation.com.

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