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Siemens - Et200sp Load Cell Amplifier

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Siemens - Et200sp Load Cell Amplifier






Siemens - Et200sp Load Cell Amplifier

AI 2xSG 4-/6-wire HS Siemens ET200 SP Strain Gauge Amplifier

•Fast measuring technology integrated in ET 200SP design
•Analog input for force and torque sensors

The module AI 2xSG 4-/6-wire HS incorporates into the group of the analog input modules.
It extends the functional range of the ET 200SP peripherals relating to a fast interpretation of force and torque sensors, based on strain gauge full bridges.

• Scale and calibrate from a user configured “maintenance” screen
• No drift of load cell amplifier to deal with
• Less parts (less points of failure)
• Easy configuration

Integrated from:
•TIA Portal V14 SP1
•SIMATIC Manager Step7 V5.6
•GSDML V2.33 / GSD V03.01.105

Customer Benefits:
•Measuring technology seamlessly integrated into the automation system
•Compact, high-performance solution in ET 200SP design
•Flexibility in combination with Siemens Controllers: every application requirement can be easily programmed, adapted and extended

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