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Hmi-tablet For Ipad By Rohtek Automation

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Hmi-tablet For Ipad By Rohtek Automation






Hmi-tablet For Ipad By Rohtek Automation

Rohtek Automation preparing to release the new Graphic HMI evolution - HMI-iPAD (Tablet):

Key Features:
One Server to Multiple iPAD Clients

One iPAD able to communicate to multiple HMI-Tablets

Smooth, high definition screens and objects

Data Streaming - with iPAD's Pinch/Zoom Gestures

Supports multiple tasks with one click

No overlapping control objects on iPad

Portrait or Landscape modes are automatically processed

Multi-language Support

Built-in iOS Input supports different languages and input methods

Built-in web-server

Font Mapping - On iOS, iOS font used by default

Database Event/Data Log

New registers on EasyBuilder Pro (EB Pro): PLW / PLB

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