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Hmi With Dual-ethernet Ports

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Hmi With Dual-ethernet Ports






Hmi With Dual-ethernet Ports

Introducing our line of HMIs with Dual-Ethernet Ports.

Our new Weintek MT8073iE & MT8092XE with dual-Ethernet ports are designed to satisfy most industrial automation applications.

Ethernet has proven to be a superior communication interface compared to the traditional RS-232/485 serial ports. Mostly for its lower cost, faster speed, higher reliability, and better noise immunity. In recent years most PLCs have adopted the Ethernet interface as the standard communication interface and it is expected that within the next five years, the Ethernet will be the standard communication method between Human Machine Interfaces and PLCs globally.

Current factory automation demands have forced the HMI to not only function as a monitoring and control device but to also serve as a communication bridge between the on-site controller with the host computer (e.g. ERP, CMS, SCADA). If the HMI only has only one Ethernet port, the connection between the HMI, controller and the host computer requires that all three nodes be in the same network. While Ethernet bandwidth is generally not of concern; security is. In this kind of system, security is at risk when the controller is used for external access via the host computer and the host computer is communicating to the external network.

Our new HMI models are equipped with dual Ethernet ports. This design ensures that the HMI can connect to two independent networks; one port connecting to the controller, and the other one connecting to the host computer or used for remote control (e.g. EasyAccess 2.0). The separation of these networks will effectively avoid the possibility of network interference and congestion and will also greatly improve reliability, stability of data transfer and network security.

Remote access service, EasyAccess 2.0:
● The EasyAccess 2.0 license is included with the MT8073iE and the MT8092XE, therefore it is not required to use activation card to activate EasyAccess 2.0 service.
● MT8073iE is equipped with Cortex A8 600MHz CPU, 128MB Flash, and 128MB RAM.

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