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Cmt3072 And Cmt3103 Smart Hmi

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Cmt3072 And Cmt3103 Smart Hmi






Cmt3072 And Cmt3103 Smart Hmi

cMT-3072 and cMT3103: Smart Human Machine Interface
Weintek is proud to introduce the newest additions to the cMT series: the Weintek cMT-3072 and cMT3103. The cMT series models not only bring unprecedented visual experience with attractive, easy to edit project screens and built in window transition effects, but also support powerful connectivity, including MQTT and OPC UA, direct connection with data base, and more than 300 communication protocols.
With the release of cMT3072 (7”) and Wi-Fi HMI cMT3103 (10”), cMT Series now comes in an even wider range of sizes. cMT Series also realizes multi-display and remote control. By running cMT Viewer application on cMT-iV5, smartphones, tablets, or PC, the operators are able to remotely monitor and control cMT HMIs, and at the same time use smartphone as barcode scanner, media player, or IP camera viewer.
The cMT3072 is a high-performance HMI that supports more than 300 major brands of PLCs and controllers. It features built-in MQTT and OPC UA server & client, and the support of direct connection with Amazon Aws IoT, which eliminates the need for hosting an MQTT server and allows connecting with low-cost and reliable AWS IoT MQTT server. With dual-ethernet, remote access service, and the EasyAccess 2.0 license already included, this highly reliable HMI is ready to take on even the harshest environments.
The cMT3103 also includes powerful connectivity, IIoT protocol support, dual-ethernet, and the EasyAccess 2.0 license. It supports Wi-Fi that keeps it wirelessly connected with other devices regardless of its installation location. Its high-resolution LCD screen (1024x600 pixels) with a wide viewing angle makes monitoring less limited. As Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 trigger a sequence of industrial upgrades, the demand for machine integration and data interchange is also on the rise. Responding to the trend, Weintek is releasing an all-round cMT HMI solution which offers diverse high-performance HMI products to integrate miscellaneous systems.

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