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SCF Series Micro Drives


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Lenze SCF Series Micro Drives - SCF Series Micro Drives by Lenze

SCF Series Micro Drives by Lenze

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The SCF Series sub-micro drive offers features, ratings and voltages that are typically found only on much larger drives.

Power Range: 0.25 HP to 30 HP (0.18 kW to 22 kW)
Voltage Range:
Input: 208 volt 1 to 590 volts 3
Output: 208 volts to 590 volts 3
Enclosure: IP20, optional thru-hole mounting
Control I/O 18 isolated terminals:
Digital: 5 inputs, 2 outputs
Analog: 2 inputs, 2 outputs
RS-485 serial communication (Modbus-RTU)

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For over 50 years, Lenze products have been characterized by superior quality. Today, Lenze mechanical drive systems set the standard for low noise, minimum backlash and pinpoint accuracy. With a comprehensive network of manufacturers representatives and distributors across the United States and Canada, Lenze continues their tradition of providing global system solutions with local implementation and customer support. Lenze products carry UL, cUL, CE and DIN approvals to meet the standards of today's global marketplace. Gears and gearmotors to clutches and brakes Lenze offers a complete line of individual components for a complete drive solution from start to finish. Our goal is to be your single source power transmission partner.