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PickPro WCS


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ScottTech PickPro WCS - PickPro WCS by ScottTech

PickPro WCS by ScottTech

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PickPro WCS is a powerful yet easy to use warehouse control system for stockroom and distribution center environments. PickPro WCS is available in either single or multiple workstation versions, operating standalone or networked depending on the customers needs.

PickPro WCS can control multiple automated horizontal or vertical carousel pods, flow rack, Pick to Light shelving and many other bulk storage locations. It maintains and manages all inventory items in locations, and controls all of the picking, put away, and cycle count processes.

The PickPro WCS mobile computer module works with or without voice on Motorola/Symbol, Intermec, and other handheld wireless devices.

PickPros intuitive graphical user interface minimizes the need for extensive training and allows customers to begin working productively with the software in a very short time. Built on secure and scalable Microsoft technology. Customizable for your unique business requirements. Available today for integration at your company!

Find out more about how PickPro WCS helps you build a strong foundation for your business.

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ScottTech Integrated Solutions is a leader in providing customers with state of the art industrial automation solutions and control integration services.

Our highly experienced engineering team and special alliances with the world's leading automation components manufacturers allow us to provide our customers with effective, efficient solutions.

Here are some of the products and services ScottTech can provide to you:

* Warehouse/Distribution Center Engineering Services
* Systems Integration
* System Installation and Training
* Automated Warehouse Systems
* Packaging Systems
* Hardware and Software support