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Omron All Stainless Inductive Sensor


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Omron Omron All Stainless Inductive Sensor - Omron All Stainless Inductive Sensor by Omron

Omron All Stainless Inductive Sensor by Omron

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Omron�s E2FM one-piece 303 stainless steel face/barrel construction resists damage caused by work-piece contact, scouring abrasion, and harsh chemicals. Operation is not influenced by the accumulation of aluminum or iron cutting chips and weld slag providing reliable sensing in harsh metal fabrication and machining environments.

Up to 0.8 mm thick sensing face for superior mechanical durability, wear resistance
Operation not influenced by accumulation of aluminum or iron cutting chips and weld slag
20% longer sensing range (10 mm) with M30 models versus the CENELEC standard 8 mm
Flush mountable in ferrous materials to protect sensor from side impact damage
Wrench flats for easy installation
Standard M8, M12, M18 and M30 sizes; normally open contacts; 3 wire DC PNP open collector and 2 wire DC polarity and non-polarity sensitive models
M12 connectors shorten service time: 3-wire DC models have built-in connectors; 2-wire DC models have a 0.3 m pig-tail lead with connector
IP67 enclosure rating

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