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MSS-SX 454

Metrology Support Systems

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Metrology Support Systems MSS-SX 454  - MSS-SX 454  by Metrology Support Systems

MSS-SX 454 by Metrology Support Systems

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MSS-SX 454 (400x500x400) to MSS-SX 10158 (1000x15000x800)

A complete system with Renishaw PH1 is around $50k

Key features
Precision ground granite guides and surfaces
Manual and DCC control
0.1ìm resolution scales
Air bearings on all axis
Pneumatic Z axis counterbalance
Protective covers X & Y axis
All axis belt driven for smooth and quite motion

The MSS-SX series are a small to medium range of Bridge style CMM's that are designed to accommodate the measurement of small to medium size parts manufactured in all areas of the manufacturing industry. The MSS-SX series of CMM’s are an entry level CMM without any compromise to quality. The bridge style CMM is known throughout the industry as one of the most stable designs for good metrology. ALL MSS-SX series CMM can be equipped with either Renishaws UCC2 or UCC-Lite CMM controller driving system. Utilizing Renishaws line of controllers allow All MSS-SX series CMM’s to be equipped with any Renishaw probing system which can be configured to meet the customers exact requirements to maximize throughput.

MSS-SX series utilize precision ground air bearing for all moving axis, thus allowing for smooth friction free motion.

Key benefits
Renishaws UCC2 or UCC-Lite controllers
All Renishaw probe and probing equipment
Loads of 3000 lb.
Speeds of 600 mmps
Open architecture controller (errormap is open)
Customer has the ability to calibrate and square at no extra cost.
The ability to check volumetric & modify. (10 min process)

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About Metrology Support Systems

Metrology Support Systems

The MSS ranges of coordinate measuring machines are fully equipped with all of Renishaw’s CMM line of products. Renishaw has been the industry benchmark supplier of CMM probing components for close to 30 years.

MSS CMM’s are built with quality materials and are built to last. We are one of a few OEM’s that are able to provide leading-edge technologies at a fraction of the cost without compromising quality and accuracy.

All MSS coordinate measuring machines are equipped with “Open Architecture Motion Controllers” We allow our customers to take full ownership of there CMM and CMM software. Access to the parametric error compensation is not an option, it a standard. We also do not require SMA’s (Software maintenance agreements), this is an option you are not forced to take.