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Wellintech KingSCADA - KingSCADA by Wellintech

KingSCADA by Wellintech

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KingSCADA is an Interactive Graphical SCADA System. It is a state of the art SCADA system for monitoring and controlling industrial processes.
KingSCADA is middle to high-end market-oriented product. It possesses many remarkable characteristics including completed functions, integrated management, modular development, high stability and ease of use, and more.
Key Benefits

Development skills are easy to master and the user-friendly interface will shorten the developersí learning cycle.
The use of model development can reduce the workload and shorten the development cycle time and cost, enhancing productivity.
Quick completion of fault monitoring and reduction in the cost of the debugging process.
High scalability guarantees synchronous updates to stay identical with new technologies and products.
High reliability and easy maintenance can save the cost of maintenance dramatically.
The widespread 3rd-party interfaces integrate the whole SCADA system into Enterprise Information Management System, e.g. MES、ERP etc., they become the bridge of communication with other different fields.

It is licensed by I/O tags used for control and monitoring on the graphical screen.

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WellinTech is a global leading software development company specializing in the Automation and Control industry. We provide free technical support from our office in Southern California. WellinTech has engaged in software automation, independent R&D, marketing and services for more than 15 years.

WellinTech is currently expanding and always looking for distributing partners all over the world. If you are interested in earning money with the most innovative products in SCADA software field, just talk with us. We offer free trial software with one-to-one free training, free technical support and free project consultant, No inventory and No matter whether you are a system integrator, a professional automation control distributing company or a free salesman. We can also work with your brand as like OEM.

Call us 310-257-8866 or just send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to hearing from you!