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HMI-PLC Combo Interface Screen

Rohtek Automation

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Rohtek Automation HMI-PLC Combo Interface Screen - HMI-PLC Combo Interface Screen by Rohtek Automation

HMI-PLC Combo Interface Screen by Rohtek Automation

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The FATEK P5 series provides a high quality and high performance human machine interface with the option of an integrated PLC.

With its aesthetically pleasing high-gloss piano black finish, the P5
series represents the high quality and reliability expected in the
industrial automation market today. The P5 series also allows the
rear mounting of an integrated programmable controller saving
space and installation costs. With its intuitive software programming environment and outstanding graphical representation, the P5 series helps create functional and elegant user interfaces.

The P5 series provides cable free communications to the FATEK B1 PLC by offering a version that can be mounted onto the back of the P5 HMI. This improves communication speeds with the added benefit of saving valuable space and installation costs.

With RS-422/RS-485 communication networks, termination resistors are often required to improve the reliability of communications. External terminating resistors can make communication wiring onsite complex. To solve this problem, the P5 provides built-in termination resistor switches. Terminating can be achieved by turning on the switch to connect to termination resistors, or turn off the switch to disconnect the resistors.

HMIs are used to communicate with various devices, such as PLCs, Motion Controllers and Inverters. If the connected devices grounds are at different voltage, a ground potential difference would occur and could cause communication errors or damage to the devices. The P5 HMI provides isolated serial communication ports to protect the internal circuit from any voltage difference of the ground.

The security function provides 16 access levels and 100 user accounts, each level and user can have different passwords; import and export functions are provided, increasing flexibility and convenience.
For security control, operations for switches, buttons and input are
banned if operators input incorrect password; objects on HMI screen can even be hidden if operators have no privilege to see the objects.

• A maximum of 64 Data Log groups and each group can
monitor a maximum of 512 addresses
• You can use the trend chart to observe the variance of
data; user is capable of clearing, zooming in/out, moving
left/right/top/down the chart on screen, creating a chart
with two Y-axes chart on screen. Or use historic data table
to see the overall information in real-time
• You can decide the occasion for triggering the data logging
and the time interval for every occurrence. Export and
import data log as you need
• The source of data set can come from different PLCs

It supports VNC Server function. Therefore, tablets, personal computers or smart phones can connect to the P5 and be used to operate remotely.

Pass Through:
Remote Configuration by using Pass Through function, personal PC can connect to PLC device indirectly, and then make
adjustment for the device (e.g. WinProladder).

• With Recipe function, you can store a set of verified data in HMI,
and perform changeover to PLC whenever necessary
• The recipe data can be from a csv file, operators don’t need to
enter parameters manually
• A built-in recipe editor for users to edit the contents
• Useful Recipe objects for users to choose from
• Add/Edit recipe at runtime

HMI Models: P5043S, P5043N, P5070S, P5070N, P5070N1, P5102S, P5102N, P5102N1.

PLC Models: B1-L2DAS, B1-L4ADS, B1-L2A2DS, B1-L4NTCS, B1-CM2S, B1-CM5S, B1-CM22S, B1-CM55S, B1-CM25S, FBs-PACK, PWMDA Module, FBs-PEP/PEPR, FBs-DAP-B/BR, FBs-DAP-C/CR, FBs-CM5R, FBs-CM5H, FBs-U2C-MD-180, FBs-232P0-9F-150, FBs-232P0-9M-400, FBs-232P0-MD-200, FBs-232P0-MDR-200.

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Rohtek Automation

ROHTEK AUTOMATION is a Veteran Owned & Operated Automation firm staffed with HMI & PLC experts principally serving the aerospace and defense industries. Our goal is to help our customers achieve greater productivity and results leveraging our highly reliable automation control systems, accessories, and technical support.The value of technology is to meet people's needs. User-friendly, reliable, convenient and humanized products combined with unparalleled customer service is our mission.

Our Weintek Human Machine Interface (HMI) products also known as Operator Interface Terminals (OIT) are compatible and able to connect via Ethernet or using the serial ports with most Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) including Allen Bradley Micrologix, Fuji, Hitachi, Schneider Electric, Panasonic, Omron, Siemens, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. This attribute, combined with our world-class reliability and easy-to-use software interfaces makes us the best solution for any existing automation line.

Our Fatek PLC modules and specialized training devices are a professional line of small, high-quality and high-functionality micro PLC controllers. With a tradition of high quality and break-through engineering innovation since 1992 our Fatek PLCs (Powered by Rohtek) are increasingly reaching market share in high-reliability applications in Europe and North America.