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FBs Programmable Logic Controllers

Rohtek Automation

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Rohtek Automation FBs Programmable Logic Controllers - FBs Programmable Logic Controllers by Rohtek Automation

FBs Programmable Logic Controllers by Rohtek Automation

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The FBs Series PLC's have more than 300 instructions with a very user friendly and readable multi-input/multi-output function structure. With this multi-input instruction structure the user can derive many types of functionalities that other PLC brands will require the use of many instructions to achieve the same results.

The FBs-PLC’s incorporate a “System on Chip” (SoC) design. The BGA chip consists of over 120,000 gates which integrates powerful features such as a Central Processing Unit (CPU), Memory, Hardware Logic Solver (HLS), 5 high-speed communication ports, 4 sets of hardware high-speed counters/timers, 4 axes of high-speed pulse outputs for NC positioning control (with linear interpolation), 16 high-speed interrupts and captured inputs. The FBs-PLC represents high functionality and reliability with exceptional value compared to other PLC’s in its class.

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About Rohtek Automation

Rohtek Automation

ROHTEK AUTOMATION is a Veteran Owned & Operated Automation firm staffed with HMI & PLC experts principally serving the aerospace and defense industries. Our goal is to help our customers achieve greater productivity and results leveraging our highly reliable automation control systems, accessories, and technical support.The value of technology is to meet people's needs. User-friendly, reliable, convenient and humanized products combined with unparalleled customer service is our mission.

Our Weintek Human Machine Interface (HMI) products also known as Operator Interface Terminals (OIT) are compatible and able to connect via Ethernet or using the serial ports with most Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) including Allen Bradley Micrologix, Fuji, Hitachi, Schneider Electric, Panasonic, Omron, Siemens, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. This attribute, combined with our world-class reliability and easy-to-use software interfaces makes us the best solution for any existing automation line.

Our Fatek PLC modules and specialized training devices are a professional line of small, high-quality and high-functionality micro PLC controllers. With a tradition of high quality and break-through engineering innovation since 1992 our Fatek PLCs (Powered by Rohtek) are increasingly reaching market share in high-reliability applications in Europe and North America.