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ESD Workstation

Item Industrietechnik GmbH

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Item Industrietechnik GmbH ESD Workstation  - ESD Workstation  by Item Industrietechnik GmbH

ESD Workstation by Item Industrietechnik GmbH

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ESD protection is a crucial requirement for any modern work bench.

ESD stands for ElectroStatic Discharge and describes the processes and effects involved in the equalisation of electrical charges between two unevenly charged materials. If such materials come into contact, positive and negative charges are exchanged. Each year in industry, electrostatic discharges cause damage that runs into the millions.

- ESD-safe equipment from item - protection you can rely on item offers the right ESD protection for every aspect of your working environment. We believe that protection against electrostatic discharge begins with the work bench concept itself. Our range of electrostatically dissipative HPL working surfaces protect the entire table top area. ESD Table Mats make large areas of the working surface ESD-safe. ESD Wrist Bands help to integrate employees into the ESD circuit.

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About Item Industrietechnik GmbH

Item Industrietechnik GmbH

Building high-quality components and systems for over thirty years.

item International America LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the famous German machine building company item Industrietechnik GmbH which was established in 1976 in Solingen, Germany. The reputation of item Industrietechnik GmbH has been built on quick delivery times, massive stockholding, product innovation, dedicated engineering support and of course, unsurpassed product quality, making our company a distinct choice for machine builders and end users alike.