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Material Flow

Item Industrietechnik GmbH

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Item Industrietechnik GmbH Material Flow  - Material Flow  by Item Industrietechnik GmbH

Material Flow by Item Industrietechnik GmbH

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Goods, finished parts and consumables - in a modern production system everything has to keep flowing. Achieving that requires cost-effective conveyor systems.Sliding items over abrasion-resistant strips ensures that they reach the work bench safely.Various types of roller conveyor help keep the supplies coming in from Kanban shelves. The material flow components in Line D30 are incredibly easy to build and install - ensuring that everything flows smoothly.

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About Item Industrietechnik GmbH

Item Industrietechnik GmbH

Building high-quality components and systems for over thirty years.

item International America LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the famous German machine building company item Industrietechnik GmbH which was established in 1976 in Solingen, Germany. The reputation of item Industrietechnik GmbH has been built on quick delivery times, massive stockholding, product innovation, dedicated engineering support and of course, unsurpassed product quality, making our company a distinct choice for machine builders and end users alike.