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DEHNconnect SD2

Dehn, Inc.

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Dehn, Inc. DEHNconnect SD2 - DEHNconnect SD2 by Dehn, Inc.

DEHNconnect SD2 by Dehn, Inc.

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The new DEHNconnect SD2 is now available for protecting various instrumentation and control equipment. Available for either hazardous (Ex) or non-hazardous locations, the SD2 product line features, two wires (poles), up to 10 kA of 8x20us surge current, 6 mm wide, isolation module for system maintenance and testing, DIN rail mount with grounding foot, and optional jumper bars. The SD2 is a cost effective and space saving surge protective device (SPD). Please visit http://www.dehn-international.com/en/dehnconnect-dco-sd2-0 for more information and datasheets.

Space Saving only 6 mm wide
Up to 10 kA (8x20us) surge current
Multi-stage SPD
Hazardous location models (Ex & ATEX) available

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About Dehn, Inc.

Dehn, Inc.

DEHN is a world leading manufacturer of Lightning and Surge Protection for all low-voltage class power systems, measurement and control, instrumentation, communications and information technology. DEHN, with more than a 100 year history in lightning and surge protection, also contributes substantially to advances in Surge Protective Device (SPD) technology, through our research and development activities, and contributing with technical organizations through out the world.

DEHN's Surge Protective Devices (SPD) (also known as TVSS) are primarily of a modular DIN rail mounted design, and have ability to manage the affects of lightning current (10/350 ┬Ásec) and surge current (8/20 ┬Ásec) discharges. The transient voltage surge suppressors are designed for application on various conductor configured systems including, single and paired conductors, coaxial; and for protocols such as 4-20 mA loop, Ethernet, CAT 5 & 6, RS 485 and 232, Fieldbus Foundation and many others.

DEHN has products for earthing (grounding) as well as products designed, tested and approved for hazardous locations.   Class 1/ Div 1 & 2 arresters feature CSA, ATEX and Ex approvals typically for use in the Petrochemical industry and other process controls in hazardous locations.   DEHN has an extensive line of SPD products for these specialized applications including spark gaps for isolated flanges and cathodic protection system lightning & surge arresters.

DEHN is also a manufacturer of personal safety equipment for electricians and lineman with equipment for use up to 420 kV.   Arc Flash PPE, voltage detectors, earthing cables and clamps are some of the products in this line.