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257 Series Command Tower

Onyx Industries

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Onyx Industries 257 Series Command Tower - 257 Series Command Tower by Onyx Industries

257 Series Command Tower by Onyx Industries

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The 257 Series is 2.57 inches in diameter. It is a fit for light industrial environments and cost sensitive applications. The base is made of aluminum, otherwise the shell is all ABS Plastic.

Multiple mounting means are supported with the integral 1/2-14 NPS Internal Threaded Base. All nameplate data and wiring information is permanently marked on the side of the unit.

1-5 Color Segments in any order or combination of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Clear (White). Also supports Natural (Cloud) Color with Colored LED's behind it. Illumination Source is high luminous LED's with an option for Xenon Incandescent Bulbs.

Buzzers are mounted at the top and are adjustable from 70-103db via a dampener

24Vdc Operation with options for 12V (with Xenon Bulb). Jacketed Flex Duty multi-conductor cable is standard with options for M12 or db9 Connectors. M12 Connectors fit through all accessory poles and bases.

Configure your 257 at our website under the order tab or review the part number key under the support tab.

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About Onyx Industries

Onyx Industries

Onyx Industries designs and manufactures Industrial Indicator Lights and Controls.   The Command Tower Line of warning lights are made with metal shells (304SS, plated steel or powder coated steel) and are exceptionally tough.   We use high luminous LED's as an illumination source.   This supports very long life, high brightness and maintenance free operation.   All units are offered with options for Buzzers.   All mounting options are made of thick wall or solid metal.   Products are offered with M12 Connectors or jacketed multi-conductor cables.

There are [5] sizes currently fitting small to very large machines.   Up to [5] colors per unit are supported in any color order and combination of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White.   A 6th Color Segment can be realized with our illuminated cap option, which works either stand-alone or with the buzzer on the 251 Command Tower.

Onyx Industries can also design & integrate customized warning solutions to suit specific requirements