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Zmation, Inc.

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Z-UCP by Zmation, Inc.

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PLATFORM - Multiple conveyorized process platforms
USER INTERFACE - Computer monitor, keyboard and touchpad
SERVICE - Pallet design & manufacturing
PROCESS - Master conveyor control, wire bonder interface, spray coating, adhesive dispense, lid P&P

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About Zmation, Inc.

Zmation, Inc.

Zmation is a worldwide supplier of custom industrial automation equipment. Since 1994 our software control of complex processes incorporating vision, robotics, lasers, motion control, force, temperature, parts feeding, and material handling has provided a competitive advantage for our customers. Our customers benefit from the ease at which they can adjust process parameters, add new user interfaces, change software functionality, and reuse equipment on future products. Our software is used to retrofit other manufacturer’s equipment allowing our customers the benefits of a common software interface on their production floors. Our team of automation professionals are standing by with their in depth knowledge of industrial equipment design to assist you in your next endeavor! Current active manufacturing sectors @ Zmation: Automotive parts manufacturing and testing Automated electrical device testing Biorepository systems Electrical test socket manufacturing Laser inscribing/marking systems Light industrial part automation (Production lines coming back from China) Low cost vision inspection/calibration systems (Turnkey ~$10,000.00) Medical device manufacturing/testing and calibrating Solar industry manufacturing automation (panels, material handling, testing, soldering, laser scribing etc.)