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Robotic System Integration

IAS Inc.

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Robotic System Integration by IAS Inc.

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At IAS we are able to provide our customers with the best solution to their robotic automation needs through our extensive experience in working with all types of robotic models and applications. As KUKA Certified Integrators, a robotic automation system integrated by IAS will help you realize your goals and reduce your production costs

- Increased Production

- Increased Product Quality

- Lower Labor Costs

- Greater Plant Flexibilty

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About IAS Inc.

IAS Inc.

IAS Inc. is an engineering company focused on helping our customers navigate, refine and deploy their initiatives for automation and integration. At IAS we have staff certified and proficient in a comprehensive array of industry standard automation components and software, vision systems, robotics, and custom software development including .NET and Java based applications. IAS is a diverse and experienced company that is committed to optimizing your operations and providing innovative automation solutions, enabling advance in your competitive advantage.