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IVC Vision Solutions, Inc.

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MVS1400-OCV by IVC Vision Solutions, Inc.

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The MVS1400-OCV™ is a robust and versatile Optical Character Verification system designed to read and verify printed text on labels, cartons and most printable material.   The system has a user friendly touch screen interface.   No PC is required.

This smart-camera based inspection system can inspect up to 3 lines of characters (15 characters per line) with the option of performing Print Presence inspection.   The   MVS1400-OCV™ can also read 1D and 2D codes for label verification.   The system is delivered with a standard resolution camera (640x480) and can be easily upgraded to a high resolution camera (1600x1200).   A standard Red LED ring light is the most common lighting solution.   Other lighting solutions are available.

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About IVC Vision Solutions, Inc.

IVC Vision Solutions, Inc.

IVC Vision Solutions is a leading provider of machine vision solutions, barcode inspection equipment and automation solutions to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, packaging and food & beverage industries. We engineer industry-proven systems that meet the needs of our customer’s by implementing cost effective, state-of-the-art engineered solutions.