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I-FILL Micro - Micro Liter To ML Filling

Intellitech, Inc.

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I-FILL Micro - Micro Liter To ML Filling by Intellitech, Inc.

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The i-FILL Micro provides unmatched repeatable dispense accuracy with single-use, disposable fluid path for fill volumes ranging from 25 micro liters to 20ml. The digitally-controlled, easy-to-use unit is self-priming, self calibrating and can store up to 25 recipes. The unit can transfer delicate product.
The i-FILL Micro is ideal for lab, bench top, semi-automatic or automated filling.   It can plug and play with an X-Y filling fixture or fully automated liquid fill/finish system.
Single use, disposable fluid path kits for the unit come double-bagged and gamma irradiated.
Unit shown with optional nozzle holder stand & scale.

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About Intellitech, Inc.

Intellitech, Inc.

Intellitech, Inc. provides value-added products and services with proven experience in the design and integration of automation, robotics and electrical controls. Intellitech, Inc. products include the modular i-FILL® family of precision pumps (rated "Superior" for dispensing accuracy & repeatability by a Six Sigma Master Black Belt), i-CAP® package closure systems, intelliFILLER™ line of liquid fill/finish solutions and intelliFLEX® wash down conveyors for the bio-tech, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries. With over 70 installations worldwide since 2002, our products are satisfying customers through their ease of use, expandability and reliable performance. Our newest product, the i-FILL® Micro is the only small volume dispensing device that combines the precision of a piston pump with the disposable convenience of a peristaltic pump -- increasingly critical in regulated filling (pharma/bio mfg.) environments. Single-use, disposable kits are available for our customers trying to reduce their use of one of our earths most valuable commodities -- water.