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TX Series Scara Robots


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Staubli TX Series Scara Robots - TX Series Scara Robots by Staubli

TX Series Scara Robots by Staubli

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The TX Series scara robots have six degrees of freedom, up to 1835 mm of reach, and carry a payload of up to 120 lbs.

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About Staubli


It was in 1982 that Stšubli Faverges made the strategic decision to specialize in robotics.   The diversification process began with the affiliation of the American company UNIMATION, a pioneer in industrial robotics.

Ten years later, Stšubli's new-found skills took shape in the RX arm, launched after being designed and manufactured in our Faverges plant. S trong in the success of these developments, Stšubli continued their research and now have a new concept: TX robots.

With a reputation for sturdiness, reliability and compact size, Stšubli robots now, more than ever, integrate a combination of high speed, high precision, great dexterity and user-friendliness.