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EWON Inc. Talk2M - Talk2M by EWON Inc.

Talk2M by EWON Inc.

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Talk2M Free is an Internet connectivity tool designed to address the growing need for broadband and wireless access in the automation world for remote maintenance and access to remote equipment. The key added value of Talk2M is full integration of IT security standards by enabling Internet tunneling between the user and the remote machine without requiring any changes to IT network security settings at either end. This major breakthrough facilitates easy deployment while hiding the complexity of the IT network infrastructure.

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eWON sa, a member of the ACT’L Group, is an innovative European company that manufactures products for secure industrial connectivity across the Internet. Over the last 10 years, eWON has become a worldwide market challenger for intelligent Internet remote access devices for PLCs and automation systems. With the development of Talk2M, eWON provides secure on-demand access to remote machines and devices with just a few mouse clicks. “eWON’s products allow your engineers to connect your machines to the Internet, at the customer´s site, in your local market and also anywhere else in the world without leaving their office. You create your own catalog of machines that you can connect at any time, sort their problems out, support your customers, adjust programs if needed… all without having to resort to costly on-site visits” says Dominique Blanc, CEO of eWON Inc.