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Stainless Photoelectric Sensor

Leuze Electronic

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Leuze Electronic Stainless Photoelectric Sensor - Stainless Photoelectric Sensor by Leuze Electronic

Stainless Photoelectric Sensor by Leuze Electronic

Related Technologies:

Stainless-steel series with AISI 316L housing technology
in WASH-DOWN-Design. Tested according to
and CleanProof+.
Operating principles:
- Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors
- Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors with autocollimation
- Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors for detection of
transparent media
- Laser retro-reflective photoelectric sensors
- Scanners with background suppression and standard
light-spot geometry
- Scanners with background suppression and small lightspot
- Scanners with background suppression and wide lightspot
Visible red light for fast and easy alignment
High switching frequency up to 2000kHz for detection of
fast events
10 … 30VDC voltage with push-pull output
- M8 connector for fast installation
- Cable variants with M12 connectors for restricted installation
- Warning output
- Activation input
- Teach input
- AISI 316L stainless steel housing offers optimum
mechanical and chemical protection.
- Resistant against many types of cleaning agents and
- The gapless housing construction in the area between the
housing and the cover plate prevents bacterial carry-overs
- Optimised plastic components offer long-term protection
against penetration of liquids
- Test procedures such as and CleanProof+, IP67
and IP69K ensure the necessary long-term stability
- Paperless, electrochemical device designation for optimal

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About Leuze Electronic

Leuze Electronic

Leuze electronic offers an extensive line of safety and automation products including safety light curtains and grids, state-of-the art laser area scanners, opto-electronic devices including a full line of sensor products, bar- code readers for both standard and 2-D applications as well as innovative optical data transmission systems. Since expanding our operations from Europe into the United States in 1994, Leuze electronic has become a major factor in the North American safety and automation marketplace. With a steady stream of innovative products addressing the needs of the consumer, Leuze electronic   is accomplishing the task of products that are designed to be reliable and durable while still being user friendly. We strive to maintain a dedicated and knowledgeable external and internal sales team, with dependable service, technical assistance and an unrivaled approach to solving even the most difficult applications.