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Safety Interlock Switches

Faztek, LLC

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Faztek, LLC Safety Interlock Switches - Safety Interlock Switches by Faztek, LLC

Safety Interlock Switches by Faztek, LLC

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Faztek offers Safety Interlock Switches to be used in conjunction with your T-Slotted Extrusion or Steel Fencing Hard Guarding solutions.

Applications: Machine Enclosures, Perimeter Guards, Safety Fencing, Robot Guarding, Work Benches, Workstations, Ergonomic Carts, Machine Vision Systems, Material Racks, Automated Gaging Equipment, Machine Bases, Displays, Exhibits, In-Plant Offices, Web Converting Guarding, Power Unit Enclosures, Labeling Systems, Dispensing Equipment, Machine Tool Guards, ...

Faztek offers free design assistance taking a concept sketch and creating a set of drawings and bill of materials free of charge.

Contact Faztek at sales@faztek.net or at 260.482.7544

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About Faztek, LLC

Faztek, LLC

Faztek is a safety guarding company who works with manufacturers to improve their plant safety.   

Faztek is a service oriented company designing and building machine enclosures, perimeter guards, safety fencing, robot cages, welding cells, tool cribs, etc…

Faztek works closely with Safety Managers, Plant Managers, Maintenance Managers, Operators, etc… to determine their needs as it relates to safety while keeping quality, production rates, and maintenance access in mind.

Faztek then creates a custom designed safety guard in a 3d model and bill of materials free of charge.   

Faztek is the only manufacturer to offer T-Slotted Extrusions, Steel Fencing, and Electronic Safety to design and build machine guarding to satisfy your particular application needs.   

Services & Support offered by Faztek:
FREE Technical Support
FREE FrameCreator Software
FREE Kit Packaging
FREE Extrusion & Panel Tagging
FREE Catalog (on-line and in-print)
FAST Bulk Shipments
FAST Kit Shipments
FAST Assembled Shipments
Smooth & Grooved Extrusions
Lite & Ultra-Lite T-Slotted Extrusions
Unique Fastening Methods
Ability to use Metric Fasteners with Fractional Extrusions
Strong Factory Customer Support
On-site Installations

Faztek Applications consist of:
Machine enclosures
Perimeter guarding
Safety fencing
Robot guards
Work benches
Ergonomic carts
Material racks
Machine vision system framing
Machine bases
Automated gaging system framing
In-plant offices
Power unit enclosures
Labeling systems
Dispensing systems
Tooling carts
Much more...