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S4 Open OPC N2 Router

The S4 Group

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The S4 Group S4 Open OPC N2 Router - S4 Open OPC N2 Router by The S4 Group

S4 Open OPC N2 Router by The S4 Group

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Expanding the Versatility of METASYS®

The S4 Open: OPC-N2 Router from the S4 Group creates flexibility and cost savings in Building Automation systems. The OPC-N2 Router is the gateway to third party product integration with the Metasys® N2 environment, it enables seamless OPC integration with N2 networks, Ethernet compatibility, and introduces cost saving in virtually every upgrade, maintenance, or replacement on the N2 bus.

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About The S4 Group

The S4 Group

About The S4 Group, Inc.
Delivering seamless open systems integration solutions for non-IT and building automation systems (BAS)

Any OPC or BACnet-based automation system (Factory Floor, Process Control, Industrial Automation, etc.) can be integrated into your enterprise management capability, enhancing the value of automation and improving the operational efficiency and profitability of your organization.

With the rapid adoption of Industrial Ethernet and IT infrastructure to support automation systems, it’s critical to manage these systems as effectively and efficiently as possible. The S4 Group can bring any SNMP-manageable device into your automation arena, where it and its associated data are seamlessly integrated.

Our unique automation solutions enable new system architectures, compartmentalization of component upgrades, clean integration with existing BAS, as well as seamless integration with IT & enterprise management systems.

With S4 Group technologies, channel partners deliver better value to their clients. Our primary business model is to engage design/build teams, resellers, and mechanical, electrical, and HVAC contractors to extend systems’ lives, enhance buildings’ value, and create cost-effective solutions for the industry.

S4 Group Business Practices
One of the key strategies in the S4 business plan is to support all players in the Building Automation and Industrial Automation industries. The S4 Group, Inc. is vendor agnostic and will not enter into exclusive or anti-competitive relationships. We will actively seek out and establish strategic partnerships where combining the joint skills of both organizations are more beneficial to our customers than either organization could deliver on their own.

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Managing Partner Profile
The S4 Group, Inc was founded by Steven E. Jones after years of experience working for carriers, networking vendors, and system integration companies in both the government and commercial sectors.

Before forming The S4 Group, Inc. Mr. Jones held multiple positions with Johnson Controls, Inc. Controls Group. As Manager, Architecture and Planning for the IT Communications team he played a key role in the design, implementation, operations, and management of the corporation-wide WAN. As a senior member of their System Integration Services group he focused on developing enterprise solutions and integrating the Metasys® Building Automation System into customers’ IT environments, network infrastructure, and management platforms. He has extensive experience in communications systems design, development, implementation, and management as well as extensive experience in systems engineering and integration