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NR Series Rodless Cylinders


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Numatics NR Series Rodless Cylinders - NR Series Rodless Cylinders by Numatics

NR Series Rodless Cylinders by Numatics

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The NR Series rodless offers an alternative solution to conventional cylinder applications. It's compact design cuts space requirement by 50% compared to rodded cylinders. Additionally, the extruded tube construction requires fewer supports than other cylinders. Dual air supply at one end eliminates tubing going to the opposite end of the cylinder. This design prevents interference with the operation of the cylinder.

Standard Specifications:
Anodized single barrel extrusions
Various bore sizes, 25, 32, 40, and 50mm
G or NPT ports available
Retained cushion adjustments
Kevlar reinforced thermosplastics strip seals
Up to 10bar (145 psig) working pressure
Ambient temperature range from -20ºC to + 80ºC (–4ºF to +175ºF)
Uses filtered air with or without lubrication
Standard stroke lengths up to 6 meters (19.5')
Operating Speeds up to 3 m/sec (9.75ft./sec)

Applications Include:
Material Handling - Parts handling with an overhead gantry
Manufacturing and process - Tool and parts carrier/automotive
Packaging - Corrugated box erector - Plastic heat seal equipment

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About Numatics


Numatics Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of pneumatics and motion control products. Our broad spectrum of custom developed products and application components have made a significant impact on pneumatic innovation as well as pneumatic and motion control technology. Our company has an extensive history of generating innovative concepts and technological breakthroughs. In fact, our innovativeness dates back to our humble beginning in 1945. With the introduction of the billion cycle, lapped spool and sleeve valve in 1952, we firmly established our reputation for design excellence and established the benchmark for value, reliability and performance.

Today, we continue our constant pursuit of offering our customers the best solutions for their application requirements at an economical price. For instance, the introduction of the 2005 and 2012 Series Valves with advanced integral Fieldbus electronics has again established a new benchmark for industry. Today, our product depth covers all major pneumatic component categories: Air Preparation, Motion Control, Valves, and Accessories. Furthermore, our comprehensive product offering and global representation enables Numatics to be your single-point fulfillment company for all of your pneumatic component requirements. - We’re Everywhere You Need Us To Be!

Manufacturer of Quality and Excellence in Automation
To remain a technological leader in the Fluid Power Industry, Numatics strives for excellence through quality assurance programs and investment in advanced machine tooling. We continuously improve our production and inventory management equipment and techniques, as well as our just-in-time manufacturing and delivery capabilities. Our computer tracking of inventory, production, and customer orders gives us the versatility and flexibility to quickly respond to our customers’ needs.

In today’s business climate, failure and downtime are simply unacceptable. The foundation of Numatics began with the premise that the failure of pneumatic components was intolerable. For more than five decades, our objective has been continuous improvement within every facet of our business.