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MAC Integrated Servo Motor

JVL International

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JVL International  MAC Integrated Servo Motor - MAC Integrated Servo Motor by JVL International

MAC Integrated Servo Motor by JVL International

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750w integrated servo motor, 115/220v power, variety of interface and control options including analog, digital with motion control sequencer, Devicenet, Profibus, Canopen, Ethernet IP, EtherCat, Bluetooth.
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About JVL International

JVL International

JVL Industri Elekronik A/S is a modern company, located in Birkeroed just north of Copenhagen.   JVL has specialized in the development and production of Integrated servo- and stepper motors.   The up-to-date R&D and production facilities of JVL employ only the latest technology for the development and production of electronic controls for step- and servo motors.   More than 50% of the staff are engineers with a very high degree of experience and competence in the field of motion control.   We can therefore offer a product program that includes all the necessary units and components to build a complete motor control system.

JVL is represented throughout Europe and Asia by independent distributors, and in the USA   by a sister company, JVL International ApS.   In the U.K.┬┤and Germany we have our own offices, JVLUK Ltd and JVL Germany.    All distributors are carefully selected by JVL to have the necessary knowledge and experience to help our customers in the best possible way with their choice of motion control components.