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Linmot Linear Motors


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Linmot Linmot Linear Motors - Linmot Linear Motors by Linmot

Linmot Linear Motors by Linmot

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LinMot P linear motors consist of a slider and a stator. In the stator, the main parts of the motor, including windings, bearings and sensors for position detection and temperature monitoring, are integrated into a stable metal cylinder. All elements are moulded into the stator and are therefore optimally protected against damage and dirt. The slider consists of a stainless steel tube in which the magnets are fitted. The sliders have a drilled hole at each end with an inside thread for the attachment of loads. In operation, the slider is guided by slide bearings integrated in the stator. There are no electronic connections between stator and slider. Position detection is done on a contact-free basis using magnetic field sensors in the stator. The linear motors are delivered with a nine-pole cable with an appropriate connector for connection to LinMot E servo controllers.

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LinMot is a manufacturer of linear motors, servo drives, servo controllers, and accessories.