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Hawkeye 1600


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Acuity Hawkeye 1600 - Hawkeye 1600 by Acuity

Hawkeye 1600 by Acuity

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The HawkEye 1610, one of RVSIís award-winning HawkEye family of networked smart cameras, combines a compact smart camera form-factor with the broad applicability, flexibility, and proven vision toolkit of Visionscape RVSIís line of high-performance vision boards.

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About Acuity


Acuity CiMatrix helped pioneer the machine vision industry and today remains one of its prime technological leaders.   We are also the worldís leading authority on and proponent of machine-vision-based unit-level traceability achieved through direct parts marking.   

As the inventor of Data Matrix, the 2-D code symbology best suited to direct parts marking, Acuity CiMatrix stands alone as the organization best able to help you understand how to mark products; provide the hardware and software to verify that marks are readable; supply the proper machine vision imager to decode marks under all conditions; and help you communicate and organize the data stored in Data Matrix marks.