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Electronic Drain Valve

Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd

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Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd Electronic Drain Valve - Electronic Drain Valve by Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd

Electronic Drain Valve by Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd

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IWPT series electronic drain valve is made of solid state electronic time-setting and solenoid valve, which can make the compressor condensates water drain automatically. It is widely used in filter drier, oil/water segregator, refrigerant compressed air drying machine, drying machine, air compressor drip-feet, and so on. The time of drain and interval can be adjusted according to different needs.

IWPT-16, IWPT-40, IWPT-80 ,In/Out ports-(1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" ), Interval time-(0.5 to 45 minutes, adjustable), Discharge time-(0.5 to 10seconds, adjustable), Manual TEST switch-(Micro switch), Supply voltage-(24-240V AC/DC 50/60Hz/12 to 380 VAC/DC 50/60Hz), Max. working pressure-(0~16Bar,40Bar,80Bar), Current consumption-(4mA maximum), Orifice-(4.5 mm orifice
,high pressure 2.0mm), Environmental protection-(IP65 IP65,NEMA4, IP65-EN60529), Max.Media temperature-(Max. 90° ), Environment temperature-(-40℃—+50℃/ ), Housing material-(ABS plastic), Insulation-(Thermal group H (200° C)), Connection-(DIN43650A /DIN 43650 - A/ISO 4400), Valve seals-(FPM (Viton) seals Forged brass), Indicators light-(Green-on, Red-off), Mounting Positions-(Horizontally or Vertically)

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About Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd

Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd

IWA industrial co .,ltd is the leading pneumatic components manufacturer in China, and was found in 1997. with the production line from air filter air lubricator air regultor. solenoid valve, air cylinder and tubing fittings. IWA is alway focus on quality automation parts supply, with years experience. IWA industrial share increasing market with customers worldwide.