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4V100 Series Solenoid Valves

Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd

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Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd 4V100 Series Solenoid Valves - 4V100 Series Solenoid Valves by Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd

4V100 Series Solenoid Valves by Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd

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Model 4V110-06 4V120-06 4V130C-06 4V130E-06 4V130P-06
4A110-06 4A120-06 4A130C-06 4A130E-06 4A130P-06
/Working Medium 40 Micron Filtered Air
Motion Pattern Inner Guide Type
Joint Pipe Bore 进气=出气=排气= G1/8
The Position Counting Two-position Five-way Three-position Five-way Two-position Five-way Three-position Five-way
Operating Temperature 5~50℃(41-122℉)
Effective Sectional Area 12mm2(Cv=0.67) 5.5mm2(Cv=0.31) 5mm2(Cv=0.28) 12mm2(Cv=0.67) 9mm2(Cv=0.5)
Working Pressure 0.15~0.8Mpa
Max. Pressure Resistance 1.2Mpa
Power Consumption AC:4.5VA DC:3W
Protection Class IP65(DIN40050)
Insulation F级
Wiring Form Lead Wire or Connector Type
Voltage Range ±10%
Highest Action Frequency <5 Cycle/Sec 3 Cycle/Sec
Shortest Excitation Time 0.05 Second

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About Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd

Iwa Industrial Co.,ltd

IWA industrial co .,ltd is the leading pneumatic components manufacturer in China, and was found in 1997. with the production line from air filter air lubricator air regultor. solenoid valve, air cylinder and tubing fittings. IWA is alway focus on quality automation parts supply, with years experience. IWA industrial share increasing market with customers worldwide.