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CAS BACnet Explorer

Chipkin Automation Systems

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Chipkin Automation Systems CAS BACnet Explorer - CAS BACnet Explorer by Chipkin Automation Systems

CAS BACnet Explorer by Chipkin Automation Systems

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The enhanced CAS BACnet Explorer, latest version 2.01aW, has been released by Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. on June 1, 2011. The explorer is an efficient software tool for discovering, exploring, documenting, testing and monitoring BACnet networks and devices - simple enough to be used by someone without any BACnet protocol knowledge.

The CAS BACnet Explorer now supports BACnet IP, BACnet Ethernet 802.3 and BACnet MS/TP up to 76k. It creates easy to read reports in HTML or XML which is suitable for documentation. It provides automation professional an ability to read and write any property of a BACnet Object, and browse on BACnet IP, BACnet Ethernet 802.3 and BACnet MSTP simultaneously.

With the report function a user can document the current state of the BACnet network and use the information in the documentation to complete the debugging process with ease. The program monitors and records MAC addresses, IP addresses, messages and other information to track down unauthorized or unexpected commands. A monitoring table can be set up to check the present value or any other property of a BACnet object, effortlessly with a single glance.

The software tool has been tested with hundreds of third party BACnet devices, it is proven stable and easy to use. Additionally it supports selection of BACnet network device on PC with more than one network card.

This is a utility for Windows machines, it requires 10 MB of free hard drive space to run on the computer.

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About Chipkin Automation Systems

Chipkin Automation Systems

Established in 2000, Chipkin Automation Systems is a specialist engineering consultancy providing services that are currently focused on system integration and protocol conversion. We are a small team - consisting of 3 full time engineers, a contract engineer we like to work with and our administrator. Our team of engineers are highly qualified and collectively have significant experience in a broad range of fields. We offer significant hands-on experience as our engineering personnel have spent time on site performing commissioning activities and providing construction supervision. We sell and support FieldServer develop communication drivers for industrial, building automation, HVAC, fire and other networks. Serial and Ethernet. Also develop custom hmi visualizations such as ActiveX and Flash. Integrate your device into BACnet Lonworks, Metasys, Rockwell, Modicon and over 100 others.