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Applied Motion Products

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Applied Motion Products BLuAC5 - BLuAC5 by Applied Motion Products

BLuAC5 by Applied Motion Products

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The BluAC5 servo drive provides a compact, reliable solution for a wide range of motion applications in a variety of industries. The BLuAC5 servo drive is designed to offer excellent performance coupled with hardware and software features that make it easy to integrate, use and maintain.

The BLuAC5 features a powerful digital signal processor (DSP) coupled with an efficient IGBT PWM amplifier. When combined with the BLuAC5ís sophisticated, yet easy to tune position loop and velocity and acceleration feed-forward, a system capable of extremely high performance assures success in the most demanding applications.

All BLuAC5 drives are capable of running brushless, brushed, and linear servo motors. A timing wizard automatically configures the encoder and commutation timing for virtually any brushless or brushed DC motor. Tuning is easy with our Quick Tunerô software, featuring a built-in digital oscilloscope

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About Applied Motion Products

Applied Motion Products

Applied Motion Products specializes in cost effective, easy to use motion control solutions.   Products offered include:

Stepper Motors
Stepper Drives
Servo Motors
Servo Drives
Most products are available as individual components and as part of a complete motion control system.   Custom configurations of most products are also available for OEM applications.