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AlphaSense For Networks

Compuquest, Inc.

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Compuquest, Inc. AlphaSense For Networks - AlphaSense For Networks by Compuquest, Inc.

AlphaSense For Networks by Compuquest, Inc.

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The mission of AFN is to bring you important information about your equipment, machines, premises, processes, or property - no matter where you are. AFN obtains realtime data from whatever you connect it to, and applies your rules to scan, parse, and analyze that data. If your rules are met, AFN delivers text or SMS messages (and/or forwards the data it received) to your chosen destinations, such as wireless devices like cell phones, pagers, Blackberry, smartphone, PDA, iPhone, etc., and/or to email addresses, twitter, instant message clients, other computing systems, and more. It's operating modes and the user rules may be remotely changed at any time using a simple browser-based interface, or optional modem access, both of which are protected by secure access. Money and time saving information - alerts, advance warnings, status, access control, security, PBX monitoring, data forwarding, and much more - can be yours when you put AFN to work for you.

The AlphaSense (and its close cousin, PBXaminer) monitoring and messaging product line has evolved significantly since its initial introduction in the early 1990's. Thousands of their various models are in use, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The new AFN provides extended functionality, and includes expandable network connectivity features, as compared to legacy AlphaSense models. New outbound message delivery via direct ethernet network interface provides information to one or more email addresses, pagers, digital cellphones, PDA's, SMS, and any other destinations reachable via email. The capability for message delivery using dialout modem to wireless and other devices is available by adding an optional Feature Package to the Express model, or to the more powerful AFN-100 platform. Modem message delivery may also be used as a "fail-over" message delivery method if network connectivity becomes unavailable.

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About Compuquest, Inc.

Compuquest, Inc.

....founded in 1983, Compuquest, Inc. develops and manufactures software and hardware solutions for wireless data, text messaging, VoIP, smart phones, SMS, instant messaging, unattended monitoring, email, security and access control, financial, and other applications.