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AGI Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

AGI American Grippers Inc

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AGI American Grippers Inc AGI Pneumatic Rotary Actuator - AGI Pneumatic Rotary Actuator by AGI American Grippers Inc

AGI Pneumatic Rotary Actuator by AGI American Grippers Inc

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Pneumatic low profile compact rotary actuators with flange output are ideal for payloads from 1 lbs (.44Kg) to 30 lbs (13.6Kg). The standard rotations available are 45, 90, or 180 degrees. Patented built in adjustable hard stops on output flange prevent pinion breakage. The AGR units have zero backlash due to the drive pistons never bottoming out; this also achieves true force throughout the rotation and end of stroke. Dual bearing supported turn table provides an extremely compact package for tight space applications, and slip fit dowel pins make this a precise and repeatable pneumatic rotary actuator. Available options are: Mid stop and Manifold.

Max Payload Torque Max Rotation Weight Options
Kg lbs in/lb Nm Degrees kg lbs Manifold
AGR-1 .44 1.0 5 .56 180 .08 .2 See AGM
AGR-2 1.4 3.0 17 1.9 180 .55 1.2 See AGM
AGR-3 3.6 8.0 50 5.6 180 1.4 3.0 Yes
AGR-4 6.8 15.0 100 11.3 180 2.3 5.0 Yes
AGR-5 13.6 30.0 250 29 180 3.9 8.5 Yes

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About AGI American Grippers Inc

AGI American Grippers Inc

AGI manufactures Pneumatic Automation Products: Pneumatic Grippers, Linear Slide Actuators, Rotary Actuators, Robotic Tool Changers, EOAT for Industrial Automation. The company headquarters is in Trumbull, CT, USA. As a company specializing in Automation technology, we use the most modern manufacturing process, as well as a commitment to continuous improvement. The modern and demanding user of end of arm tooling technology has confidence in the capabilities and products of AGI. Our products are used for a variety of manufacturing processes including: Assembly, Pick and Place, Packaging, Loading & Unloading, Part Transfer. All products are available in imperial and metric versions for flexibility of design for a world market. High-tech plants all over the world relay on automation components from AGI. www.agi-automation.com