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ACTech SCM-Series Micro Drive

ACS Tech 80

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ACS Tech 80 ACTech SCM-Series Micro Drive - ACTech SCM-Series Micro Drive by ACS Tech 80

ACTech SCM-Series Micro Drive by ACS Tech 80

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For applications that don't require the advanced functionality of the SCF Series, the SCM is the right drive for simple speed control applications or as a superior alternative to reversing, soft-starting, or multi-speed motors.

Like all SC Series Drives, the SCM utilizes the innovative EPM memory module for fast, error free drive configuration.

Power Range: 0.33 HP to 15 HP (0.25 kW to 11 kW)
Voltage Range:
Input (1�): 120 (with internal voltage doubler) or 230 volts (3�): 230 or 480 volts
Output: 230 or 480 volts 3�
Enclosure: IP20, optional thru-hole mounting
Control I/O 11 isolated terminals:
Digital: 5 inputs, 1 open-collector & 1 relay output
Analog: 2 selectable input

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About ACS Tech 80

ACS Tech 80

Since 1985 ACS-Tech80 has developed and manufactured advanced multi-axis motion controllers and integrated control modules (drivers included).   Our main focus has been OEMs producing high-end equipment with demanding motion control requirements. Our products are found in the semiconductor manufacturing and testing, electronic assembly and testing, medical imaging and advanced digital printing industries.   

Our products are the result of close cooperation with our clients in developing their high-end applications, as we closely monitor developing market trends. We offer standard and custom-made solutions that directly answer your motion control requirements.

Our in-house development capabilities and multi-discipline experience includes:

1.   Digital and analog circuit design
2.   Power design
3.   ASIC chip design
4.   Real-time software development
5.   Microsoft Windows - based tools and APIs (libraries)
6.   Control engineering and advanced control algorithm development
7.   Mechanical engineering

ACS-Tech80s manufacturing facility is ISO9001 certified. Every unit is thoroughly tested using the latest available techniques. Testing includes connecting motors and drives, a demanding burn-in cycle, and full functional testing.

Taking into consideration ACS-Tech80s decades of experience, advanced software and hardware capabilities and end-to-end user support, our products clearly provide the first-class cost-effective solutions that youre looking for.