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ACOPOSmulti Servo Drives

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

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B&R Industrial Automation Corp.  ACOPOSmulti Servo Drives - ACOPOSmulti Servo Drives by B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

ACOPOSmulti Servo Drives by B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

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Drives at their most economical
ACOPOSmulti is the logical progression of the successful ACOPOS series from B&R that meets the demands of users for modern motion control products for more customers. The ACOPOSmulti generation offers the highest degree of efficiency for multi-axis machines that are commonly used in the plastics, packaging, print, and textile industries. Environmental considerations were also a major motivation in keeping energy consumption low.

Wasted energy within the switching cabinet is a thing of the past
ACOPOSmulti – the ideal drive design that doesn't leave any of its power in the switching cabinet. Both a feed-through heat sink with IP65 protection for releasing heat outside the switching cabinet and a cold plate variant for connecting to a cooling circulation system (water, oil) are available. This eliminates the need for fans and climate control units in the switching cabinet.

Power modules with power regeneration
All power supply modules are able to regenerate power. Instead of being converted to heat as is usually the case, kinetic energy generated during braking is converted to electrical energy that is regenerated into the power supply system. The integrated power regeneration system provides an efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for avoiding heat build-up in the switching cabinet which is otherwise generated by braking energy. An additional advantage is that only true power is taken from the power supply. The power factor correction mechanism considerably reduces the connected load and power consumption of the machine (by approximately a factor of 2). This means less fuse safeguarding and connection cross-sections.

Like all other modules in the ACOPOSmulti series, the power supply module also has a network connection. This allows all data about power consumption, machine efficiency, etc. to be recorded and analyzed. This represents a big step in the direction of intelligent maintenance.

Integrated 24V auxiliary supply modules for surviving power failures
ACOPOSmulti integrates the 24V supply for drives and even for the PLC, PC, or peripherals (optional). This doesn't just guarantee minimum space requirements; it also ensures predictable machine behavior when power is lost. Devices can be connected directly to the common DC bus on the drive and have open-circuit, short-circuit, and overload protection. In addition to the advantage of the integrated supply, both ETHERNET Powerlink and the remote intelligence of the individual servo drives perfectly support the functionality of the controlled standstill.

Groundbreaking connection design – It couldn't be easier!
Simply attach to the mounting plate and fasten with two screws. This establishes the connections with the power supply module. In addition to the connection of the DC bus and the 24V, the protective conductor connection is established via the rail system. Additional grounding measures from module to module are not necessary.

Safety as an integral system component
There are a number of new approaches to secure field bus systems that are heavily influenced by proprietary standards and long response times. The ACOPOSmulti drive system is different. This system is based on ETHERNET Powerlink Safety.

Safety in the ACOPOSmulti drive system comprises the following function taken from Cat. 3, EN 954-1:
- Uncontrolled and controlled stops
- Secure stop and operation halt
- Secure limited step measurement and secure limited absolute position
- Secure limited speed
- Secure direction of rotation

Basic functions like the secure restart inhibit or output for the motor holding brake (both according to Cat. 3, EN 954-1) are part of the standard delivery.

ACOPOSmulti highlights:
- Compact design
- Maximum performance with minimum space requirements
- Simple handling
- Protection against power failures
- Modular cooling design with air, oil, or water
- Safety integrated
- Environmentally friendly with an energy regeneration system
- Maximum profitability

The ACOPOSmulti will be introduced in the US at the Pack Expo International in Chicago, IL on October 29 – November 2, 2006.
Visit B&R’s booth # N-5416.

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