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Operator Interface Terminals

Maple Systems

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Maple Systems Operator Interface Terminals - Operator Interface Terminals by Maple Systems

Operator Interface Terminals by Maple Systems

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Our OIT3160B and OIT4160B redefine the term fully loaded. These powerful MicroOITs are packed with features that give you the power to completely customize your OIT to look and perform the way you want it to. That's why the OIT3160B and OIT4160B allow you to do what others can't...

Customize your displays.
Build the screens you want with powerful display customization features and easy to use configuration software.

Communicate with clarity.
Five different screen types are loaded with communications features - like linear scaling and floating decimals - that help you to maintain powerful, clear communications with the operator.

Customize your keypad.
User-definable function keys give you the power to program your keys to perform functions exactly the way you want them - easy customization at your fingertips.

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About Maple Systems

Maple Systems

Maple Systems is unique in the industrial marketplace. We are operator interface (OIT) experts who have specialized in the design, manufacture and support of operator interface solutions for nearly 20 years. This specialized experience is evident in the quality, versatility and affordability of each of our operator interface terminals.

With operator interface terminals that communicate with over 80 families of controllers from more than 35 industry-leading manufacturers like Allen-Bradley, Omron, Siemens, Koyo and GE Fanuc, as well as the hundreds of PLCs, motion controllers, loop controllers and DCS that use Modbus and ASCII communications, our controller support is unsurpassed. And each of our products have all of the features you need at extremely affordable prices.