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GSX Series Linear Actuators


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Exlar GSX Series Linear Actuators - GSX Series Linear Actuators by Exlar

GSX Series Linear Actuators by Exlar

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GSX Series linear actuators combine the advantages of Exlar's rolller screw technology and T-LAM stator technology to create a powerful and robust linear solution. Exlar uses a specially designed roller screw mechanism for converting electric motor power into linear motion within the actuator. Planetary rollers assembled around the actuator's extending rod follow threads which are
precisely machined on the inside surface of the actuator's hollow armature. Linear motion is produced in precise synchronization with the armature rotation. Because this roller screw mechanism has an inherently larger cumulative contact surface, these actuators have a much longer working life, and can handle heavier loads at higher speeds than is possible from a similarly sized unit built around a ball screw system.

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About Exlar


Exlar Corporation, located in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, designs and manufactures linear and rotary servo motors for motion control applications.

Patented actuator technology provides an electro-mechanical replacement for your hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. These digitally controlled products eliminate the heavy maintenance requirements of fluid power actuators.

Compared with other electro-mechanical actuators, Exlar's roller screw technology offers many times the life of ball screws.

Please visit the sections of this site that show our products, technology and applications . . . you will see that our solutions extend beyond conventional motion control.